Clare Bowen – Black Roses

Helt sjukt bra låt, Clare Bowen – Black Roses från tvserien Nashville (S02E19).

This song is so amazing and I have heard it a few times now in the tv show Nashville. Sung by  Clare Bowen, the title Black Roses and lyrics are just the kind that goes straight to my heart.

Black Roses by Clare Bowen (Scarlett) from Nashville

Black Roses by Clare Bowen (Scarlett) From Nashville Tags: Clare Bowen, Scarlett O’Connor, Black Roses, Nashville

Sen ska vi inte glömma systrarna i serien (de är systrar på riktigt), Lennon & Maisy Stella – sjukt bra. Ni måste höra hur duktiga dom är, ca 10 och 14 år gamla bara.

Not to forget the two sisters in the show (they are sisters in real life to), Lennon & Maisy Stella – crazy good. You just have to listen to them, they are only 10 and 14 years old.


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