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At the moment my mornings sucks, I went to the dentist a week ago now, but the confusion of the time etc from his side turned out in the worst way.. I still have all my teeths left and well the aches are still here.. Every morning I wake up with a ache that I lack words for, painkillers, special toothpaste, hot shower and the trip to work before I feel remotly human again. So today it’s a month and 3 days untill the first wisdomtooths leaves my hosting mouth, just wish it wasnt TWO of the *censor* at the same time the pains wont be gone with just one of them pulled..*sighs*But ”OH WELL” thankfully I’ve a great work I love and I’ve just got the good news that they wanna keep me. So less worries on my sky for now, income and work sorted for the rest of this year *wiiie* feels damn amazing! I’m truelly greatful for this oportunity that just fell from a blue sky on me, it’s a once in a life time oportunity it feels like. Growingpeople is a very small company, and thats great for my allergies & astma – I don’t get much irriations isues on that front, I work with very nice and great people – it feels more like a big family then an actual office and I get to work from home 2 days a week, thats great when I get so tired from all my allergies, and well the travel hours are a bit insane tbh to have every day 5 days a week ( about 1½ – 2h x2 ). And not to mention the fun part of develope, maintain, upgrade, and make sure our visitors get the best possible out of there visit from us!

Gonna be a very long journey before I’m starting to feel satiesfied with the website.. hehe But I love it, so I’m just very very happy about it! Oh and on Monday I’m gonna get the details about my paycheck, SO looking forward to that, save up for a nice trip for me and Mr M I hope or at least get to do something more then just be at home this summer cause of lack of money. :))


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