The invasion point, part II.

Thursday and it’s been 4 days since I wanted to start on this topic! Life as a working girl is indeed very busy..

So the invasion point is not really yet and I’m not even sure it’s happening?! But 3 of my friends, that I got to know trough Warcraft and spent a lot of time with the last 2-3 years is talking about coming down and visit at end of May. And well I’m REALLY looking forward to that.

Take them on a trip to Helsingör, get them drunk, teach them whacky things and funny words only we ”skåningar” says.. And most important of all have a great time! Been almost half a year since I last saw them so really hope it will happen 🙂

But before the invasion, well.. The apartment was yesterday in a sad state. Mr M who was home did put in a huge effort but theres still plenty to do before we can invite ppl over here. With the kitchen remake idea we just put everything in the living room, where it STILL is.. The plan is to put somethings down the basement, some in the 1sqm big walk-in-closet and some back in the kitchen cabines. And most of it out the garbage, but up 2 yesterday night you could only dream about walking in to that tiny closet.. and I been strugling last months, first the 2nd time around with that nasty cough & cold that lasted for 2 weeks or so and I’m just getting back on my legs when the stupid wisdom tooth hit me. So It’s not really been the time or the energy to finish everything off. And been living in the mass makes at least me feel very down and depressed, it looks so much – so many things to do!

Think I’m gonna make a check-off list so it at least feels like we are getting closer to the goal for having guests in may 🙂 Then I can mark off at least 1-2 things per day and I think that will do my stresslevel some good!
Adios Amigos..


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