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I can’t get this song out of my head, I’m starting to like ”rock” more and more.. It’s a bit scary 😉
Lately I’ve catched myself listen to Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, AcDc etc on At the moment I’m listening to some Hammerfalls songs, got my eyes up for them since Joachim Cans joined a tv show as one of the choir leaders.


So last week has shaped up nicely for me, emotional anyway – It’s spring and allergies are acting up so thats not very joyable.. But… I’ve gotten the news that I’ll get 6 month trial aployment at my work, so thats freaking awesome and I’m so happy over it! I’ll se the papers next week, but I really hope nothing gets screwed up with the papers ( I sort of don’t trust things completly untill It’s nailed – if you know what I mean? ).. Oh and my new ”Office time” will be tuesday, wednesday & thursday and monday & friday I work from home.


So my schedule for the next 6 months are pretty much clear *big smile*.. I’ve arranged days of;
1-4th of May – oldest brothers comes ”home” for a visit with his family.

22-23rd of May – it’s time for the invasion point, intense 2days with my sweeties.
19-25th of June – me and Mr M has the week of 2 celebrate my xx birthday & midsummer.
Then I’ll have some random days of in july, no dates set but around week 28-31. Since I can work from home It’s very flexible.


Other good news are that on friday the evil wisdom tooth is leaving the building, hourray!! And on Monday it’s Mr M big XX day, so I guess we will try celebrate it the two of us in some way this weekend. Hopefully the dental surgery wont be to bad so I’ll be totaly off the entire weekend..


Had a great night with the tv, I just love the brittish TV-Show ”Grand Designs”. They always follow amazing projects, I don’t know whats up with me and interior design shows.. Its like a drug for me 😉 Guess I’m feeling very calm also cause the rest of the week I work from home, so I can take more care of my self and my allergies and spend some more hours sleeping.


I should be in bed right now, but I’m to happy and I guess my nap this evening ruined it also. Got home from work totaly exhausted, didn’t get much quality sleep last night I’m afraid 🙁 So I feel asleep on the bed with Mr M, but he dumped me pretty fast for Age of Conan..


So so sooo very happy, I’m feeling the positive energy in my veins pumping in my blood feeling me more and more. Please let this feeling stay.. Cause I really like feeling this happy :)))


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